Startup Advisory and Coaching

For me, there are a few elements that will determine the success of a Startup;

  • Timing
  • Business Model
  • Funding
  • Team
  • Idea

Building a successful Startup is akin to building a well oiled machine. If one small part is broken, the entire engine will fail to operate at its fullest potential.

On the contrary, if all parts are doing their job and working cross-functionally, this then creates a near immovable object, destined for commercialisation.

That is why, as an Advisor/Coach, my main priority is educating my clients on the standard fundamentals that every Startup must attain in order to give themselves every chance of commercialising their business, product and/or service.

I do this through ongoing coaching (month to month), providing 24/7 access to Q&A via the Slack App, access to my personal resources such as; Pitch Deck, Prospecting and Business Model templates, and introductions to the personal contacts within my network (Investors, App Developers, Lawyers, Accountants, and more...).

Whether your Startup is at the Idea Stage or you're looking to raise your Series A round (500k - 5million) I am confident my team and I will be able to assist in more ways than one. A simple conversation is all it takes to ensure your Startup is headed in the right direction, so please do not hesitate to reach out.

Venue/Meeting Point: Over the Phone OR Video Chat
Spoken Languages:
Chinese - Cantonese
Chinese - Mandarin