Paul Mead

I create better leaders and sustainable businesses through performance coaching.

My 11 years in the Army taught me strategy, leadership and about taking action. I thought this was the way the world worked, but I soon learnt I was naïve after leaving the military. Upon leaving, I worked for two very poor leaders in succession. They destroyed the culture, their staff and the business.

I left both, saying not again! After the second time, I knew what I was going to do. I decided to help business owners and leaders increase their performance, to reach their true potential and become successful through building highly profitable businesses with engaged staff.

But I am not one to tell others how to build their own business without having done it myself. So I am deeply invested in growing our business with a purpose, She Maps. We are a national business looking towards international expansion.

So, my clients get my knowledge and experience from working around the world on complex problems with diverse teams, as well as from building a business from the ground up. A mix designed for success.

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